Farmacopeia Golden Paste with Ginger 12 oz / 5000mg Full Spectrum

Golden Paste - CBD Oil & Ginger for Dogs 12 oz / 5000mg Full Spectrum

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-Enjoy the powerful healing benefits of CBD oil combined with tumeric for enhanced health for your pets.

-Ideal solution for dry skin, inflammation and arthritis for dogs, Farmacopeia Golden Paste combines the ancient healing powers of tumeric and CBD oil to relieve a wide spectrum of symptoms in pets including diarrhea.

-Easy to apply paste is highly effective is reducing the severity of a variety of medical conditions in dogs and cats. 


- Botanical terpenes

-Hemp derived extract

-Turmeric powder,

-Coconut oil,

-Black pepper,

-Sunflower lecithin

Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs and People

  1. Natural detox
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Natural antibacterial
  4. Promotes heart and liver health
  5. Reduces blood clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks by thinning the blood*
  6. Promotes digestive health
  7. Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  8. Offers allergy relief
  9. Helps to prevent cataracts
  10. Natural pain relief
  11. Natural treatment for diarrhea

Dosage for Pets: 

  • Begin dosing with 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of golden paste to each meal
  • Dosage can be increased gradually (approximately every 5-7 days) by a small amount.
  • For optimal health maintenance, recommended dosage is 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon per meal.


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